Fabric Faire

NEW FOR 2020!  During these incrediby stressful and crazy times, many people cannot get the fabric they need for projects which would be so helpful to alleviate the stress and strain which comes along with self-isolation.  Please leave a post if you are in need of a particular fabric and can’t afford to buy online or just want help!  I have a ton of fabric which I am now providing free of charge, so stay tuned and this week I’ll post a list of what is available.  Hang in there, friends!  We are all in this together, and we shall get through these crazy days ~ hopefully virus free!


Are you looking for a piece of fabric for a project, but don’t need a whole yard of 52″ wide *expensive* material?  Just can’t make it to the local fabric store to hunt through the stacks, stand in the cutting line then stand in the checkout line, and fish around on your phone for a coupon?  Well, look no further ~ welcome to the Fabric Faire!

fabric 2

So, I know that I am not the only person in this country with a ton of extra fabric that is never going to be used, despite my best intentions.  All those yards of lovely fabrics, which I purchased with the idea that “I can definitely use this to make…” ~ then never made anything with it.  However nice it is to have beautiful fabrics stacked up in large plastic bins, just in case I get the time or motivation, it’s kind of silly to hoard something which someone else could be using to create their personal masterpiece.

Here’s the intention behind the Fabric Faire page:  you may neither sell nor buy fabric on this site, but please feel free to post photos of the extra yardage which you do have & don’t want or no longer can use.  Be sure to list the pertinent info (fabric type, brief description, how many yards, where you bought it, etc.) along with your email address, so that someone who would like to trade with you (or buy it from you) can get in touch.

I will get the ball rolling with a few different fabrics, so just add yours to the comment section and let’s get going!  I’m looking forward to sharing free fabrics, getting feedback from y’all, and having some fun!

fabric 3




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