“In this life, I strive for improvement, Be your own guide, follow your own movement…” Heavy D.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but a lot of my designs in the late 80’s and early 90’s came straight from my version of the Hip Hop Euro Trash Punk Ass Front. Pretty much all of my party-dresses/mini-skirt-big-jacket-suits/guys-trouser-shorts–girl-blouses/going-out outfits were 1-Offs that I stitched up in my limited section of the apartment in Parr B-1 in Munich when nobody else was there, and they were all either stolen by my less than stellar roommates or their unsavory friends (not you, Meridith McCarthy or Jennifer M. McCarthy or Alex Hilary Rossi Bunch! I think you were the only ones who knew that I had a sewing machine hidden in my closet!) or someone came up to me in a club shrieking “I love that outfit, where did you get it?” So, I sold a lot of my home-made-clothes for cash, because I had the design in my head and didn’t really pay attention to where it was going.
At any rate, it means a lot to me to recognize the stylie contribution that each of you makes every day – it doesn’t matter if some fool from Paris doesn’t see your fashion hit, you make your own fashion, and you recognize it. You are not just wearing it, you are living it.
I don’t really care how 7th Avenue lives their NYC way, I just love how my tribe loves their clothing, and their own personal style. Talk about rock & roll.

We got our own thing.

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