Wait… it’s November?!?!

Holy little necks, it’s November!  I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast, and fall clean up (#lovemyleafblower!) has replaced weeding the flower beds in my spare time.  It’s equally hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away!  Yes, I know that as a Stitcher I should be posting videos about how to make beautiful and functional table linens, like table runners and matching napkins, out of old-not-so-presentable table cloths – but that’s for next week!  I am the “cook” of the family, so I will be making Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws, with my husband and his Dad helping out of course, and we are all looking forward to a relaxing and fun Turkey Day.

This year will be only the second year I will be waiting in line at 5:30 AM for a Watt’s Family Farm fresh turkey, which is actually a great local tradition.  The small family owned farm sells their fresh turkeys, and I do mean FRESH, on the Monday before Thanksgiving and people come from all over Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts, and as far away as Connecticut, to queue up at the crack of dawn with large cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee, and wait patiently for their turn to step up to the large truck where the family workers ask how many pounds you would like then grab a bird and pass it down to you, and you head over to the table with the cash till and pay for your bird.  My first Watt’s Family Farm turkey buy was exciting, and I was a little nervous as I was a rookie, but everyone was very friendly, joking around in the line, greeting old friends and making fun of each other’s cooking skills (they don’t call us Massholes for nothing! LOL).  The lady who stood next to me in line lived in Connecticut, and she told me that her family used to trek up to the Cape to her grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving, and that she now drove up super early to get their turkey from Watts’ Farm because it was “tradition.”  I was very proud of myself just then, although I was a newb, because I had joined the ranks of the old-school-New-Englanders who didn’t just opt for the shrink wrapped frozen birds from the mega super market chain store.  That long line of people sipping their hot beverages, standing on a dirt road in the woods for hours in anticipation of purchasing their freshly butchered farm raised turkey at that particular farm, because it’s a tradition – well, it choked me up at the time, and darn it I ain’t ashamed to admit it.

That is a big part of our American holiday, tradition.  Whether you live in New England, with the spectacular fall foliage or serve your dinner al fresco in the California sunshine, we are all together on Thanksgiving.  Together with our families and friends, together in praying for a happy and healthy future for each other, and together in being thankful for living in the good old USofA.

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