Since everything is in our heads, we’d better not lose them. – Coco Chanel

What’s up on Cape Schrod at 6:15 AM on a Thursday in June?
Well, coffee, of course. Summer is on the way, so also there is a lot of yard work going on, although not actually right this second. As we schedule the roll outs of patio & deck furniture and the backyard hammock, I’ve been contemplating getting an anti-mosquito spray service this year to prevent mosquitos in the yard. Last year I sprayed an all-natural home brew bug killer from a recipe which I found on a friend’s blog, and it worked pretty well, but sadly only lasted a short time. I’ve heard good things about the mosquito spray services, which may actually be worth the expense, as long as it has a similar all-natural formula to the home brew bug killer spray. Napalm in the yard would be bad for the ground hogs that live under the shed, particularly the very small baby ground hog which I spotted yesterday in the back yard.
So, today’s photo is a pic of the first set patio furniture cushions which I made that I actually sold to a customer. It was a couple of years ago, and I only have that one photo, but I thought it would be a good idea to post it because you’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself “What is Mayflower Stitchery? What do they do there? Is it a tailor shop? That might be helpful, because I need to have those trousers hemmed.”
Nope, I’m not a tailor shop. My official small business is for design and sewing, namely I make stuff at my home studio and sell it, either online (at, coming soon!) or to local customers in the New England area. Patio furniture cushions are just one of the products I make, I also have many other original designs, including items that I make from recycled racing sails, such as collapsible ice buckets, backpacks, and the Cape Cod Gear Bag (a photo of one is at the top of the page). I designed the bag myself in 1996 when I was trying to figure out what to do with the old sails that were in my parents’ garage that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away, and have been making them since, so no I’m not copying that company up in Maine who make the “sail bags” that you see at airport gift shops. My bags are better! (Modesty is a great quality, is it not?) Many choices of Sunbrella linings, wide dacron polyester webbing for straps, and an all-weather zip. Built to last, and can’t be beat! I used to have a shop on Etsy, before they went insane and started charging outrageous monthly fees, and customers who purchased everything from bags to nautical flag throw pillows to baby quilts have left rave reviews on the great quality of my products, which is something I am very proud of.

I started my little show with the idea that I make great stuff, and might actually be able to sell it online. My Mom taught me the basics of sewing when I was 12, and in the 8th grade I won a plaque at the Nauset Middle School project fair for my nerdy Home Economics “Little House on the Prairie” costume and recipe project. I still have that prairie dress and sunbonnet packed away somewhere, but the dresses I make now are more fashionista than “Little House.” All of my designs are my own, and I stand by my stitching.
Five years later, here I am writing my first blog on what I hope will be a site for resources, conversation among sewing enthusiasts and people who are just interested in learning new things, and a place to get tips on how to save money by making your own holiday items, kids’ outfits, Halloween costumes, and even your own clothes!
Come back and visit often, feel free to leave comments, and join the Sewing Club!
That is what’s up at Mayflower Stitchery!

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